Spring 2018
2018/ 2019 Concert Dates on Concerts and Events Page!

CURRICULUM : Curriculum documents are still current.

H.S. Chorus Curriculum 20122013.pdf H.S. Chorus Curriculum 20122013.pdf
Size : 103.352 Kb
Type : pdf
M.S. Chorus Curriculum20122013.pdf M.S. Chorus Curriculum20122013.pdf
Size : 96.536 Kb
Type : pdf
MSHandbook18-19.doc MSHandbook18-19.doc
Size : 113.5 Kb
Type : doc


Class expectations, concert dates and  information. 

HS Handbook 18-19.doc HS Handbook 18-19.doc
Size : 854.5 Kb
Type : doc

 Class Assignments and Rubrics

participation rubric students.doc participation rubric students.doc
Size : 35 Kb
Type : doc

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