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Kickapoo High School: November 1st, 2nd, 3rd @ 7:00 p.m.

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Shrek 2018 Cast
Shrek: Spencer Clark
Fiona (human): Delayni Fleeharty
Fiona (Ogre): Emilee Swanson
Donkey: Owen Young
Lord Farquaad: Mitchell Geary
Dragon: Violet Galindo
Gingy: Heather Aardahl 
Pinocchio: Ellie Wise
Sugar Plum Fairy and Queen Lillian: Molly Montgomery  (also voice of the exploding bluebird)
Teen Fiona: Desiree Hubele
Ogre Mother: Tori Campbell
Ogre Father and Thelonius: Ruger Johnson
King Harold and Papa Bear: John Schweiger
Three Blind Mice: Molly Montgomery, Ellie Wise and Holland Bohan
Wicked Witch: Holland Bohan
Captain of the Guards and Bishop: Liam Sullivan
Mama Bear: Lauralee Galindo
Baby Bear: Gracie Miller
Fairy Godmother: Faith Fortney
Ugly Duckling: Hannah Wright
Peter Pan: McKenna Layer
3 Pigs: Carrie Neefe, Anelise Egge, Mia Jaynes
Elf: Katelyn McKittrick
White Rabbit: Hailey Reinsvold
Mad Hatter: Jerzie Reis

Tap Dancing Rats: Ellie Wise, Molly Montgomery, Anelise Egge, Gracie Miller, Holland Bohan, Tori Campbell

Duloc Dancers: Jerzie Reis, Hailey Reinsvold, Katelyn McKittrick, Carrie Neefe, Mia Jaynes, McKenna Layer, Hannah Wright, Faith Fortney, Lauralee Galindo, Desiree Hubele, Tori Campbell...

***Other roles not filled at this time will be named in the fall.

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