Spring Concert 2018: Rock Around the World 
Opera for the Young            Rusalka: A Mermaid's Tale
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*The elementary music program at Kickapoo has been developed to stimulate musical growth in all students. With this high energy and hands on approach, the students will progress quickly learning to hear pitch, hear and feel rhythms, study musical notation, and make a connection with the music we sing through play!  

BENCHMARKS : Students should have solid understanding and ability to perform these musical skills and concepts by the end of their grade level.

Kindergarten Benchmarks.pdf Kindergarten Benchmarks.pdf
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1st grade Benchmarks.pdf 1st grade Benchmarks.pdf
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2nd Grade Benchmarks.pdf 2nd Grade Benchmarks.pdf
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3rd Grade Benchmarks.pdf 3rd Grade Benchmarks.pdf
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4th Grade Benchmarks.pdf 4th Grade Benchmarks.pdf
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5th  Grade  Benchmarks.pdf 5th Grade Benchmarks.pdf
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These benchmarks have been adopted from the

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. 

Elementary Music Dates 2018/2019:

 Dancing Sue: Family Dance on Oct. 5th  

 Winter Concert: Wednesday, December 12th @   2:00

 Spring Concert: Wednesday, May 22nd @ 6:00   p.m.

 School Spirit Night: TBA

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